Animal Wellness Lounge
Animal Wellness Lounge

Welcome to The Animal Wellness Lounge!

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Well-Being For All! Connect and Learn

The Animal Wellness Lounge is a gathering place for people who are passionate about the well-being of all creatures! For full information and to sign up go to our main website

This unique membership gives you direct access to holistic animal wellness expert, Nayana Morag and other qualified experts.

Our members join us from all walks of life, from Pet Guardians to Veterinarians, from Rescue Centres to Farmers to Wildlife Managers. We have members who are guardians to one loved dog, and professionals such as aromatherapists, behaviourists, animal nutritionists and trainers, instructors and reiki healers. 

If you are looking for natural ways to care for and heal your animals both physically and emotionally, the (one of a kind) Animal Wellness Lounge is your 'go to' resource and learning platform offering a wide variety of courses as well as our unique membership program. Sign up with a monthly or annual subscription here 

Subjects we cover.

  • Essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and essences, and their use with animals of all species
  • Animal self-medication (zoopharmacognosy)
  • Acupressure, and how to integrate essential oils
  • Animal behaviour and natural management
  • How stress affects health
  • Nutrition for herbivores and carnivores
  • How to work with farm animals and captive wild animals
  • Physical and energetic healing modalities
  • Animal communication

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The Lounge is a place to support and encourage each other in our dedication to caring for our animals as naturally as we can. But above all, we are a friendly community of animal lovers and professionals who want nothing but the best for the animals in our care, and love to share with like-minded people. If that sounds like you, sign up here

Or check out our stand alone courses, no membership fee required

We would love to welcome you as a member, if you have any questions please drop us an email here ([email protected]) and we will get back to you ASAP. 

See you soon!